USMC Tattoo

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

U.S. Marines, and a branch of the U.S. armed forces responsible for the sea, and only in the strictest standards when it comes to clothing and general appearance as well as among its ranks, including the guidelines and rules for those with a Marine tattoo. In fact, made the Corps some updates and modifications to its policies in 2010, when it comes to tattoo USMC in order to clarify specific requirements and the imposition of further restrictions that would limit such as a decoration service members, specifically in the number and size, as well as the positions of tattoos.

Marines now impose new rules on tattoo USMC as number and position of the body

concerned. And now allows members of the Marine Corps up to only four types of visible tattoos, especially when wearing physical training and practice uniforms, which actually consists of plain T-shirt and shorts. Is one type of tattoo and one or more types of small tattoos, which are located within a radius of five inches. However, this allows only a tattoo on the legs and arms of the individual. USMC tattoos are not allowed on specific parts of the body such as the head, face, neck, wrists, fingers, hands or the interior of the mouth on the other hand, there are no limits in number of tattooing in the areas of the body covered by a unified physical training.
There is also a Marine base, which imposed when it comes to the size of the tattoo. Those that should not be visible from the hands of the largest members. This can be known by placing his hand on the USMC tattoo with his thumb and all fingers touching and expanded. It also allows individuals to maintain the marine band tattoo, which essentially creates a circle on the leg or arm. However, you should not be like the tattoo on a larger scale than a quarter of the length of the leg or arm that is visible when you use a standardized physical training. Officers are in fact imposed stricter rules than as individuals are not allowed to be a tattoo of a band that has a couple of inches and more.

USMC tattoo, in order to allow the body of a service personnel, should not be discriminatory, racist, drug-related, profane, and anti-American does not clearly reveal a strong involvement with gangs and leftist groups or types of entities. There are simply no exceptions when it comes to these types of tattoos, or whether they were not visible when in uniform. Similarly, types of black light tattoos, which are essentially invisible to the human eye, and yet glow under a type of ultraviolet light, and is not allowed.
These revised policies for the U.S. Marine Corps tattoo is applicable to all service members face possible death, with the exception of those who have become members of or had their tattoos before 2010. Can not force the Marines to undergo procedures for members to remove tattoos. However, you may be discharged for violation of existing rules and revision of the tattoos on their duties.